DOOMLORD Announce CD Release and Reveal New Album Cover

april 10, 2016

After 18 months, Doomlord announce the release and have revealed the official cover art for their next album, "La Rebelion de Lucifer".  This album will include 5 unrealized theme songs and the 4 themes include in their 1st album Almas Malditas that was release only in vinyl version. This will be a full spanish version album. "La Rebelion de Lucifer" will be produced by lead vocal and band leader Dark Nerudas and released via DarkCrew Record. Release date to be on June 2016. 

DOOMLORD Back in Recording Studio for a New EP Release

august 2, 2015

DOOMLORD is back in the recording studio, this time working on what will be a new EP in spanish language. EP will call "La Rebelion de Lucifer" and will be a 4 dark doom metal track continuing the line of "Almas Malditas" split vinyl album. Release is schedule for January 2016. Stay Tune for more information.

BLACK TESTAMENT CD European Release Today

october 27, 2014

Emanes Metal Records announced that after a little delay on the release date, DOOMLORD's Black Testament CD will be release in Europe today Oct/27/2014. The CD is available at the label website ( Black Testament will be available in America on mid November/2014 via DOOMLORD's website. Stay Tune for more information.

DOOMLORD Announced New Drummer On Their Line up

September 8, 2014

Sadly, DOOMLORD announces the departure of their drummer Josh Lopez for health reasons. Likewise officially announces new drummer Wampa Zayas (Dantesco, Omen, Aura Azul, Alas Negras). Wampa served as a substitute drummer in the last three months until the band decided to make it as his official drummer. DOOMLORD will start their promo/tour 2014 for "Almas Malditas" release shows.

August 7, 2014

DOOMLORD announced their "Almas Malditas" Release Tour dates. This will be the 3rd national promo tour and the 1st official album released. Tour will take place from september to december 2014. They will be shering stage will national bands such as Dantesco, Alas Negras, Sepulchral, Calamity, Devil's Tale Flames, Ritual Kannabis, Trangresion, Orq. La Venganza, and more. Check Confirmed Dates at "TOUR" Tab.

July 20, 2014

DOOMLORD split album "Almas Malditas" after a 3 month delay finally will be release in Europe on July 21st and in America on July 30th. Will be available only on LP vinyl format at: & at this page merch/store.

June 21, 2013

DOOMLORD announced the official art cover of what will be their first full length album “Black Testament”.  The art cover was design by sound engineer and graphic artist, Juan Carlos Ruiz from Archeus Creation Solutions, who was designer of DOOMLORD’s split album “Almas Malditas” too.

“This art cover was design according to the theme songs and the album title. Also reflects the essential doom metal identity of the band and the deep dark message we carry in our lyrical,” comment Dark Nerudas.

“Black Testament” CD will be produced by lead vocal and band leader Dark Nerudas via Emanes Metal Records and will include 7 inedited songs and a Black Sabbath’s cover song.  CD release date in Europe and America will be announced very soon.

May 31, 2014

DOOMLORD release thier 1st official music video and was publish on youtube on a HD worldwide premier. This video is from the song Ilusion taken from the "Almas Malditas" split album. Was created by Juan Carlos Ruis from Archeus Creative Solutions. 


April 4, 2014

Last night DOOMLORD reveals their official half cover of the EMANES METAL RECORDS: DOOMLORD / KING HEAVY "Authentic Metal Worship series-VOL 3" SPLIT LP . DOOMLORD is including in this split EP baptized as "Almas Malditas", 4 dark doom spanish version tracks:


Track List: 1. Almas Malditas, 2. Ilusion, 3. Falso Dios, 4. El Mal Regresara


This EP album will be release no later than May/30 2014 & will be available only in a very limited LP (Vinyl) Format. Very soon information for Pre-Order.

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