Doomlord is a doom metal band established in Puerto Rico since 2011 by lead vocal, song writer and bandleader Dark Nerudas. This band has clear influences from traditional heavy metal bands as Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, and classic “doom” metal bands as Candlemass and Solitude Aeturnus, but nerveless the band possesses a power metal background presence,  with a contemporary and modern sound. 


After several years and several attempts to develop the musical project, based on the genre of doom metal, Dark Nerudas recruited a team of talented musicians to outline what is now Doomlord. In September of 2012 after 9 months in rehearsal rooms, writing and composing, Doomlord began an introductory national tour of 7 shows around the island, the “Evil Rises Again Tour 2012”.


During this tour Doomlord received massive unexpected support even for the media and tour organizers. Was not just heavy dark low tempo music, instead a very dark theatrical live show performance. 


In December of 2012 Doomlord entered into immortality by recording their first full length CD. In March of 2013 Doomlord started the second part of the national introduction tour, named: “Black Testament Tour 2013” with over 7 shows around the island.


In March 16, 2013 Doomlord performed as the official band opening of Satan’s Host in Puerto Rico. In June 8, 2013 Doomlord performed as official opening of Goatwhore in San Juan PR. Both shows were recorded in live stream video for a future DVD live. 


In January 2014, Doomlord signed with french metal record label named "Emanes Metal Records" for a split album and a full lenght CD.


In May/2014 Doomlord released their 1st Official Music Video for the song "Ilusion" from the split album. 


In July/2014 Doomlord release "Almas Malditas" a Split LP/Vinyl Album share with Chilean/Belgium band King Heavy. "Black Testament" their 1st full length CD was released on december 2014. 

After 18 months, Puerto Rico-based doom metal band Doomlord announce the release and have revealed the official cover art for their next album, La Rebelion de Lucifer. The album include 5 unrealized theme songs and the 4 themes include in their 1st album Almas Malditas that was release only in vinyl version. This CD is a full spanish language version album.


La Rebelión de Lucifer are schedule to be release on June 25, 2016.



Dark Nerudas - Lead Vocal

Pedro Candelaria - Lead Guitar

Mike "Hard" Mendez - Lead Guitar

Athelknatch Soldat - Bass Guitar

Wampa Zayas - Drums